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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  April 24, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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ms. soloman followed them, shot and killed, and her phone taken. >> reporter: they are in custody for two separate crimes. they received a tip from a witness linking them to the murder. >> the case snowballed with that information leading to other information. >> reporter: they believe they may have committed a crime and have this to say. >> what i would say in oakland, we want to you to vigilant but not be a vigilante. i think she was a brave lady. i think she should have called 9-1-1 in this situation. >> it was back in 2010 that kron interviewed judy. this was filmed during a story.
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she was a professional dog sitter and dog walker. she was 66 years old when she was killed. out of southern california 13 people have been hurt after a school bus crashed into trees. another 9 are being labeled as walking wounded. it is not clear in they are adults or children on the bus or the total number of passengers. the chp is on the scene and investigating. a woman saved by bistanders. she threatened to jump over an overpass. it caused a huge mess around 1:00 on interstate 580. all lanes had to be shut down for 30 minutes. police say on lookers reached
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through the security bar and grabbed the person until police arrived. new at 5:00 the 84-year-old suspect in connection with a shooting at a medical building in daly city, this was video from our partnership. searching for the gunman, no one was injured. he was taken into custody at his home in daly city. they recovered a gun and ammunition. what caused the man to fire the gun is unclear. >> we are not sure. we know the person he shot at was a physician at the building there. as far as reports that we have, he approached this physician, pulled out the gun,
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physician ran away. >> ballistics will be done to see if it matches. he is in jail for attempted murder. this is a live picture from our camera. look at the fog and haze. it is pretty chilly looking at these pictures. a look out over san francisco. the skyline is shrouded in clouds. april showers are in the forecast. it is late in the season. the bay area needs it. jacqueline bennett is standing by. >> reporter: the showers will start later this evening going into tomorrow, most of tomorrow. we have a live look outside from the san mateo bridge. it has been that way all day
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long. we have storm tracker 4 radar. as we take a wider view you can see all the rain offshore and to the north. the storm system is up to the north. this is the cold front. it will move down into the bay area into tomorrow. we will see a decent amount of rain. coming up in just a bit. >> the santa clara teenager who survived the 5 and a half hour flight to hawaii in the wheel well of a plane is in the hospital still. he survived sub zero temperatures but may face medical issues. the stow away is in stable condition. sunday the 15-year-old boy who is from somalia climbed a fence
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and went on the tarmac. he waited 5 to 6 hours and hoped to go to africa to visit his family. we will talk to the islamic community and talk about the problems immigrants can have with an american lifestyle. the search for answers answers leading families to the maker of the missing jet liner. they hope boeing will give them information that they are not getting from the malaysian government. they intend to go to boeing. the u.s. company made the jet liner. the malaysian government has not released a report on possible causes on the disappearance. boeing is saying they are an
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active party in the investigation. thursday they were asked by cnn if he is ready to say the plane and passengers are lost. >> at some point in time i would be but not right now. i think i need to take into account the feelings of the next of kin. some of them have said we won't accept it until they find hard evidence. >> the prime minster said the report will be available to the public. 6 teams are continuing to use technology that they can get their hands on including an under water vehicle that belongs to the monterey bay aquarium. some are convinced the disappearance is a crime. there continues to be a lack
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of any evidence. the search for the plane, it is now 48 days old. hopes of retrieving the black box is gone. no trace of fight 370 has been found. >> should it be okay to spank children with a wooden spoon? the high court weighs in. what would mothers rather be doing? the gift they want most for mother's day. think twice before pulling out dollar bills what researchers found on money you cann't see with the naked eye. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing
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dirty money, filthy looker, your wallet is hopping with germs. scientists looked at the dna on a dollar bill. yuck. the study by the dirty money project at new york university analyzed the genetic material on a $1 bill. your wallet is a petrie dish of bacteria. the most common strain can cause pneumonia and gas trick ulcers. also on the bills mouth
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microbes. some people lick their fingers before counting money. other parts of the body came up. people are not washing their hands after the bathroom. some people say change the material it's made of. canadian money is on fancy plastic but they are not sure if it is germ free. wash your money after handing currency. playoff fever. we are live talking to warrior fans. what they are doing after this video emerges nearly being killed by a train. bulldog: [yawning] it's finally morning!
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jose court ruling that a wooden spoon spanking a child is not child abuse. a woman spanked her 12-year-old with a spoon that left bruises. the court ruled in her favor. she didn't intend to cause physical harm or bruising. social services wanted the court to reverse the decision. she said they wooden spoon does not exceed the bounds of reasonable parental discipline. this topic is raising concerns on our facebook page. like us and join it is conversation. >> reporter: a storm is coming
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later night. we will have mild rain and light temperatures. in the afternoon we could see moderate rainful. spotty thunderstorms possible. in the weekend we have another chance saturday into early sunday. here are satellite pictures. we have a wider view. the storm system, here is the tail end of it. this will bring us rain right here. we could see a few showers with this area here, but really the more widespread rain comes tomorrow. we have a few spotty showers in the 2:00 hour. in the morning commute we have dry conditions. a lot of rain will miss us to the south. the later morning hours the rain will pick up in coverage. by 1:00 we have rain.
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a little more coverage by the afternoon south of golden gate. we could see moderate rainfall and hail once the cold front pushes through that will be tomorrow morning through 5:00. things will die down by the evening. we will have calm and clear conditions into early saturday. rainfall totals will not be impressive. a lot of rain will miss us to the south. santa cruz will see rain. most locations it will be in the north and east bay valleys. temperatures, it will be cooler than what we saw today. low 60s. that will be a good environment for thunderstorm environment. we could have rain and small hail tomorrow. we have a winter weather advisory on the screen. snow levels will start at 7,000
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and drop to lake helve. 5,000 to 10,000 in the mountain area making the drive difficult. rain tomorrow, cooler temperatures. slight chance saturday evening. temperatures will soar into the 80s tuesday. a new safety push from cal train after people raced to cross and nearly got hit. detail and the chilling video. >> reporter: what at this video shows 6 people crossing the tracks as a cal train goes on its route. you can see how he gets close to getting hit.
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cal train spokesperson said they wanted to launch a new safety campaign. >> a scary video prompting us to step up efforts and do outreach at the station. >> reporter: they will make stops at stations like this one. >> it's nothing new. it is the same information we have been giving out. >> reporter: look at this video caught by a bystander. people are walking across the tracks despite the gate going down. >> people take unnecessary chances. we want to warn people to stay behind the gates, don't go beyond the yellow strip. be aware and cautious.
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a high speed chase in vallejo sent two to the hospital. a toppled light pole kept the street closed. the suspects were apprehended when their heavery damaged vehicle was inoperable. if you were headed to san francisco, it probably took longer than expected. >> reporter: a traffic mess this morning in and out of san francisco. you can see the back up on southbound 101. at 7:00 in the morning a truck driver was good toward candle stick to dump dirt. he didn't know he was dropping
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dirt on the roadway. in the process of cleaning up, the street sweeper went caput. not only were southbound lanes were affected affected affected north bound lanes were. the same company responsible for removing the dirt, this is the second time this company dropped dirt. the first time was at the 280. a man is in the hospital and 10 others homeless. fighters say a candle started a fire at south 7th street.
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now at 5:30 warriors playoff fever, the bay area showing golden state pride at oracle, game 3 against the clippers. the series is tied 1-1. j.r. stone is on the court watching the warm up. >> reporter: all about the warriors. some of the fans are tailigating in the parking lot. these are the shirts they are getting, loud, proud, and warriors. some players are out here taking shots. it will be a big game. tip off 7:30 this evening. clippers players are here. some of the warriors. it is all gold inside in arena. fans outside drinking some of the heavy stuff. >> hey, here we go warriors.
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we got this one! >> it will play later. let's go! hey -- >> warriors! go warriors! >> reporter: what is your thought? a little worry? >> we're home. we will pull it off here. >> i think the warriors will win by at least 15. >> reporter: 15? did you watch the game earlier this week? >> yeah. >> reporter: are you worried about the 40-point loss? >> absolutely not. this is home field man. ain't nobody going to beat us on this court. >> i don't know what to wear. this one is good luck. >> reporter: you can see some of those warriors warming up for a big one. that is clay thompson out
5:31 pm
there. they lost by 40. the series is tied up 1-1. blake griffin, boy, do they have a lot to say tonight at 6:00. live at oracle. >> clipper fans coming tonight might feel a little heady. have you seen any of them? >> clipper fans? i am about to fall on the ground. i haven't seen any clipper fans. i saw one red tie from a reporter in los angeles. they are keeping it warriors. >> thank you, reporting live. the san jose sharks have a chance to sweep the kings. they were up 3-0 in a series. if the sharks win tonight they face off against the anaheim
5:32 pm
ducks or the ball dallas stars. puck drops in l.a. is the 7:30. candlestick park will close on a high note. paul mccartney will be there. the music icon put fears to rest be not being there. >> i can't give you anything more about beatles mania. >> reporter: big ginsburg can hardly contain his excitement. the closing of candlestick park. paul mccart ney knows how important this is.
5:33 pm
>> the mayor is thrilled. the beatles had a special piece of this history. it is a test amount to that. > ♪ yesterday. >> a crowd of 25,000 fans, ginsburg plans to fill every seat. >> this old broken down stadium will have one last gig. >> reporter: this time it is anyone's guess. tickets go on sale may 5th. >> the ledge legends of
5:34 pm
candlestick games, the football phenoly is part of the last summer at the stick scheduled july 12th. alden smith will not face charges about the bomb threat. airport police say he was randomly screened and was not happy. the finest drinking water around thanks to the hesp hesp hesp water system in hetch
5:35 pm
hetchee. >> reporter: it will be one of 4 wells bringing ground water to the drinking supply. in the next two years when you open the tap you will have local surface reservoirs, but you will have ground water. this water will be very safe. >> this water is safe and reviable and continue to be. it will be a good supply. nothing to be alarmed about. >> reporter: when you turn on the top you will drink a mix of exiting sources and ground water, 10% ground water and 90% from exciting sources. in san francisco can kerman, kron4news. >> clyde: --
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students hit by the ferry disaster were back at school. they were all over including funeral processions. hearses drove by the school. a law maker says the ferry was likely carrying 3 times its recommended cargo. they are investigating whether the company bribed inspectors. 175 bodies have been recoveried with 120 missing. at 545, wonder what your dog is thinking? there is a project going on at yale. anybody can buy an e cigarette.
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>> live look outside. you can see some of that rain approaching the bay area. we have a lot more in store for the overnight hours coming up. bulldog: [yawning]
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just got even better. now with free broadband for a whole year. ever wonder what is going through the mind of your dog? yale university has a canine cognition center. here is how the program works. >> nell! >> reporter: want to know how man's best friend works? i immediately enrolled my dog nell. >> they grew up with us. we are wondering what they are thinking thinking about. this is a scientific way to figure it out. >> reporter: they are hoping to learn more about canines
5:45 pm
through problem solving game gls s. >> reporter: they watch as dogs try to solve a puzzle. the goal is to see how they process information and learn from others. >> it limits how they explore. we want to see what others do during situations. >> reporter: she didn't get cues and used her mouth more. after she saw the experimenter use her hands she used her paws. >> it can help us with training service dogs. there is a big question of what makes us special. >> reporter: they have tested 60 dogs going through the
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studies. your dog may be going to college, she needs you to accompany her. watch as your dog naveigates their ivy league environment. once they are accepted they get a letter of admission from the canine cognition center. then she gets a diploma. you made it through the freshman class. >> they are thinking of having a graduation for the dogs who go through all 4 levels once they conduct enough studies. they hope to publish the studies in scientific journals. >> reporter: you can see how overcast it is, misting here. we are not seeing rain yet. we will in the lower elevations. spotty showers, temperatures mild in the low 50s. as we head through the day we
5:47 pm
have a chance of showers, more rain in the afternoon and a possibility of thunderstorms. here is a look at satellite radar. it is not moving in just yet. the core of the system is well to the north of us. this right here is the area bringing us the most rain. it will be overnight into tomorrow morning. there is instability and possible thunderstorms. there are few showers in the north bay. future cast shows it largely dry. a lot of rain will dive south and impact the santa cruz mountains. we could see more in the south bay, but it will really miss us to the south.
5:48 pm
early afternoon we will have more rain at the coast, delta, south bay, by the 3:00, 4:00 hour you will see more widespread rain coverage. there will be spotty rain storms. we may have brief hail. we will have dryer conditions later into early saturday morning. rainfall totals will not be impressive. not surprising considering the time of year. the first wave will dive to the south and be concentrated there. in the sierra we don't have much yet. a winter weather advisory, snow will start at 7,000 feet drop to lake level. 5-10 inches of new snow by
5:49 pm
tomorrow night. here is the extended forecast. with the rain off and on, saturday and sunday rain chances as well. dry weather next week. wednesday real warm in the 80s away from the coast. >> reporter: the tricky thing apple announced, i don't like spot splits. if you have 10 shares of $100 or 100 shares of $10. it is a conservative move.
5:50 pm
look as where we are with the divedend. >> and facebook also had good quarterly results. rob has how much they make a second. >> $197,000. facebook makes $81 per second. yayahoo $26. >> general motors is taking a massive hit wiping out profit. >> they haven't figured out what to pay the victims for the ignition switch that was known
5:51 pm
by engineers. stock is up. as an investor i want to focus people on don't sell now. buy when you cannot when you have to. unless the story gets hairier. >> the future of gm is a share holder. >> i think it's trade. not against it. >> if you have a question, post it on his fan page. coming up, have you been doing the same thing close to 50 years? what will happen when you can't be told you can't do it anymore. people behaving badly. a map application most of us use let's you travel back in time and see what it looked like in the past.
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time for the kron4 tech report. >> it is like a digital map time machine. there is a box in the upper left-hand corner with a clock icon. you can click on that and move the slider through time and view that place in the past. this is a pretty cool new feature. >> since 2007 google has been capturing the ground view with their 360-degree cameras with a real world street view. some of them have driven past the same location more than once giving them a time capsule of the world. they are sharing past images with users. there will be a box with a clock icon and a slider button letting you travel back in
5:56 pm
time. you can see a landmark's growth from the ground up or the 2014 world cup stadium being built in brazil. the 2011 earthquake or tsunami in japan. you can see how your town has changed. you can experience different season and what it would be like to cruise in summer in winter. there is a present and past view image showing april and october revealing the cherry blossoms. it is rolling out to the desk top over the next few weeks. gabe slate. how about a car that does not get dirty? what an auto maker is
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introducing. sparks in the east bay about children and an east bay worker. more news ahead for you at 6:00. [doorbell rings]
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call now to get a u-verse bundle for the same great price for 2 years. guaranteed. son swonsen swanson this is the bay area's news station, kron 4 news at 6 starts now. tonight, at 6:00, concerns about the quality of drinking water in san francisco. local water officials tonight are trying to ease fears. in part, because of the on going draut, the city has been planning to integrate groundwater with water from sources such as -- reports on this future blend of drinking water. >>reporter: san francisco prides themselves on having the best water around.
6:00 pm
right now, that's where the bulk of the city's water comes from. but soon, the san francisco public utilities commission will add groundwater to the mix. >> this is done all over the state, all over the nation, using groundwater supplies together with surface water supplies to make sure that you've got a reliable supply at all times. >>reporter: this pipe is one of the test wells. and soon, it will be joined by five more, where the s f c u c will extract groundwater for drinking. >> the water that comes out of the wells would be disinfected and blended in. >>reporter: take place here behind this fence at the sun set reservoir and at the -- reservoir. eventually, this mix mrend of water will be delivered to 60 percent of san francisco. the area in blue on this map. those in the west side of the city, are the ones that will receive it. >> and i bet if you walked across the street from where the blends were, you would not be able to tell the difference in the quality of the water.
6:01 pm
>>reporter: and the s f approximate, u c says the reports of poor quality are untrue. they say there should be in bacteria, and nitrates, if any, will be of such small concentrations as to not compromise the quality or safety. >> this water is safe and reliable and will continue to be. a good supply for san francisco. there's nothing to be alarmed about. >>reporter: now, this ground wall well here and three others should be on line in two years. when you put your glass under the faucet and fill it up, 2 year, you'll be drinking a mix of 10 percent groundwater and the rest existing sources. in san francisco, dan, kron 4 news. california's water crisis is worsening. the latest drought map released today from the federal government shows all of the state is experiencing at least a moderate drought. and conditions are extreme, or exceptional, in nearly three-quarters of california. in fact, growers in the valley
6:02 pm
say they only have enough water to irrigate half their fields and even with some rain in the forecast, this week, there is no significant rain expected for months sxcht ground wells are starting to dry up. well, some rain is headed to the bay area, we certainly want to hear about it. is it expected to put a damper on the weekend. a live picture over san francisco. you can see the clouds in this live picture. chief meteorologist bennett in the weather center tonight tracking conditions. jacqueline. >> rain drops on the camera lens here, at our camera. you can see how overcast it is there as well. and take another look from the bridge, a overcast picture, but so far, not much rain is actually hit the ground, especially down in valley floor. take a look at satellite and radar picture. the rain is approaching near the coastline. more rain to the north of us, as we look offshore, though, the bulk of the rain is going to come with this right here. this is the tail end of the some system, the cold front is all
6:03 pm
the way up here. that's going to roll through tonight, into tomorrow. showers out there later this evening, spotty showers again tomorrow, off and on rain tomorrow as well. rainfall toelt l, time that, coming up in just a bit. two suspects are in custody, charged with a murder of 66 year judy solomon. oakland police say the two men were committing a crime last july, when they happened to notice sol mon following them, recording their actions with her cell phone camera. police say, that's when they shot her to death. and investigators say a tip from a witness led them to these two suspects. and the oakland police department is working to get a hold on violence in the city by pushing a neighborhood city plan. bay area base company called next door. a free and private social network for residents to use. the partnership is supposed to give residents more ways to con neglect with the police department and with each other about the things that matter the most to the community. >> i live in grass valley, and
6:04 pm
it's important here because we've had a lot of crime that's been going on in the neighborhood since the policing has been short staffed. so we're looking out for each other and this is our way of doing it. basically like neighborhood watch on steroids. >> more than 140 neighborhoods representing l 0 % of the city has started next door websites. the story of a teen stow away continues to captivate the bay area and the nation. a flight from san jose to hawaii inside the wheel well of a boeing 767. the 15 year old boy's father spoke to voice of america, he says his son will return to santa clara after doctors feel he has had a full recovery after the flight. the young stow away is a recent immigrant and he had problems at home and struggles at his new school in santa clara. the emerging portrait of the 15
6:05 pm
year old boy comes as no surprise to an organization which advocates for islamic americans. >> really just concern, my concern for the -- family --. >>reporter: of the american islamic relations says the 15 year old's decision to stow away may have been a way of acting out in response to one thing after another. >> anyone who has been to high school can tell you that it's a very difficult time for a lot of youth and so to be a recent immigrant, in a new environment, to have english as a second language, probably aggravated all of the ordinary challenges of high school and made things very difficult. >>reporter: the boy's father told voice of america that his son shown here with paramedics after landing in hawaii, was doing poorly at school. and had only recently been attending santa clara high school where classmates described him as quiet and shy. >> many young people struggle in school when facing new
6:06 pm
environments, dealing with language changes, frentds and so ordinary issues that youngsters struggle with, bullying. not at all surprising this this youth was struggling. >>reporter: financial hardship may have been a factor, says, as it is with most immigrants from east africa, father drives a cab and two sib bls are staying with relatives. in the wheel well of that plane won't make his return to home and back to school any easier. >> as the story grows ask continue, i really hope that the family is able to come together and that the boy's issues are resolved, received the support he neesd. >>reporter: kron 4 news. happening now, playoff fever, as the golden state warriors greer up to face the
6:07 pm
clippers tonight. less than 90 minutes to tip off. oakland supporting the team everywhere you turn. all cheering on the warriors. fans are excited about tonight's big game, kron 4 is excited too, live tonight at the arena on the floor with the players. j. r.. >>reporter: well, pam, the intensity is building out here as we get closer and closer to tip off. and as i talk, i want to step out of the way, who wants to see me. you want to see these two teams go at it. on the clippers side, unfortunately. taking shots thchlt is a clippers team that beat the war joys by 40 points earlier this week. but you talk with fans out here and they say, you know what, this series is one, warriors are in it. blake griffin who plays on the clippers, this is what they had to say. what are your thoughts on blake griffin? >> let's just say he better hope
6:08 pm
i'm not close to him with a cup of water when the game starts. big floper. >> blake griffin. >> oh, probably heard me, i said floper, dirty, cheap, everything. you name it. you know, that whole thing with the cup, that water thing. yeah. that's uncalled for, man. >>reporter: go all out. number one. get it war yos. >> south carolina to be here. >> did you really? >> when did you leave? >> two days ago. >>reporter: yeah? just for this game. >> just for this game. >>reporter: all right. good times out in the parking lot, good times inside the arena. you can see the loud crowd, warriors shirts, this place is going to be rocking as they say out here, this is the tip off at 7:30. live at the arena, j. r. stone, kron 4 news. coming tonight at 6:00,
6:09 pm
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now, to developing news out of southern california. we are now learning that the crash involving a school bus has injured 11 elementary school children, and the bus driver. this happened near anaheim. officials originally reported 13 people were hurt. tonight, the driver ask two children are in critical condition. after the bus tilted sideways and crashed into a tree.
6:16 pm
9 other students suffered minor injuries. police say no other vehicles were involved in the crash. the c h p is on the scene investigating. the total number of passengers on board is still not known at this time. police say the man who fired the shot that led to the neighborhood lock down and the evacuation of a medical center in daily city yesterday, was an 84 year old former patient of a doctor in the building. this video shows the tense situation is from our helicopter partnership, with abc 7. maureen kelly spoke to police and the suspects neighbors about what led touch the --. >>reporter: were surprise today learn that senior was arrested for a techted murder at his daily city home wednesday night. those i speak to say the elderly man seem today live alone, and didn't interact much with others on the street. but it also didn't seem like he was capable of causing the chaos inside the medical building.
6:17 pm
>> he seemed like a nice man. >>reporter: was a former patient of a medical group inside the building, but they don't know his exact motive for allegedly pulling the trigger. >> we're not sure why. we know that the person, he shot at was actually a physician. at the building there. >> as far as reports that we have, he approached this physician, pulled out the gun. the physician ran away and that's when the gunshot was heard. >>reporter: lock down the building for hours as they evacuated those inside and searched the two floors for the gunman. they didn't find him there. it was interviews that led police to the home on the circle, where they covered a gun and ammunition. ballistic tests are underway if they match the bullet that was at the crime scene. a woman who answered the phone there said they didn't want to talk about what happened on wednesday afternoon. saying they were trying to focus
6:18 pm
on treating their patients. she did not know if the suspect had ever been treated by the doctor he allegedly took a shot at. maureen kelly, kron 4 news. a high speed chase put two police officers in the hospital. authorities say the suspects car and the patrol vehicle lost control on tennessee avenue late this morning. the crash knocked down a light pole, which closed the street to westbound traffic for several hours. the two suspects were caught when they were heavily damaged carry died farther up the road. the officer suffered minor injuries. >> well, rain is on the way to the bay area tonight and into tomorrow, overcast out there right now. live look outside from our roof cam. we've had cloudy conditions throughout the entire day, but no rain yet. the rain comes later tonight, into the overnight hours, we'll have some light rain and mild temperatures, and then through the day friday, off and on showers, with the possible thunderstorms by tomorrow afternoon. temperatures are also going to be much cooler out there tomorrow, into the weekend, we have another chance of rain late
6:19 pm
saturday and early sunday. here's a look at satellite and radar picture. approaching the north bay as we look offshore, there's plenty more to come. actually, the main front is right here. this is what's going to move in later tonight, early tomorrow morning. and we'll be seeing a little bit more rain with it. here's a look at future cast. spotty showers into the early morning hours tomorrow. and then as we head through your morning commute. future cast 4 is not picking up much because it looks like most of the rain is going to take a dive to the south. instead of hitting the bay area. it's possible that it could really impact the south bay, even the computer model isn't show that. as we head into the afternoon, seeing more rain coverage at the coast, east bay, the south bay, and more rain coverage, south of the golden gate by 4:00. spotty thunderstorms embedded in this, periods of moderate rain, small hail. by the evening, things are starting to calm down and then later friday night, into saturday morning, we'll see
6:20 pm
drier conditions. as for those rainfall total, not going to see a whole lot. not uncommon given the time of the year that we're seeing this rain, about a quarter of inch of rain in some locations, a 10th in others. a lot of the rain in the morning is going to head down that way, a little bit more rain there, half an inch of rain for form -- for tonight and friday. as for temperatures out there tomorrow, a lot cooler than today. upper 50s and low 60s. the cooler conditions actually going to help that thunderstorm environment. we could see those spotty thunderstorms in the afternoon when it is cooler. taking a look ot our winter weather advisory. covering quite a large area, we're going to see a little bit of snow and actually up into the higher terrain. 10 inches of fresh powder as we head into friday. so again, driving conditions going to be a little bit bad in the area, just because of the snow. unusual snow fall for this time of the year. extended forecast, rain and cooler temperatures tomorrow. a chance of rain, slight chance
6:21 pm
of rain saturday. into sunday. but as we head into next week, we're going to see drier and much warmer weather return to the bay area. a developing story as the search for the missing malaysian airliner continue. the government being criticized for not releasing a preliminary report with possible causes of the disappearance. prime minister was -- as lost. he says no, he's still hoping for hard evidence. but, it's been 48 days, he admits he can hardly believe what he calls the bizarre scenario. >> i find it hard to believe to begin with because how could a plane that was supposed to be heading towards beijing, you know, they could decide that the plane and that halfway towards
6:22 pm
antarctica, it's a bizarre scenario which none of uls could have contemplated. >> some relatives of the passengers on flight 370 go to boeing, they don't feel the malaysian government is giving them a lot of facts, fast enough. the prime minister says that preliminary reports that he was talking about will be available to the public next week. pam. coming up, getting out of the picture. a university's new rule to help experience the picture perfect graduation ceremony. plus, a bay area dream home. up for grabs. how much you'll need to shell out in order to experience full luxury. bulldog: [yawning] it's finally morning!
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banking for the life you have... investing for the life you want chase. so you can. do you want to live like a celebrity? well, you are in luck. look at this. actor robin williams is selling his nearly 30 million dollars estate in napa. called villa of smiles and it comes with a ton of extravagant
6:26 pm
features, i 65 foot swimming pool, 19 acres of beautiful vineyards. a 12 seat theatre and five bedrooms. the estate comes with a pond for fishing. the actor says he's selling the home because he can't afford to keep it. you can see a complete slide show of the estate on kron kathryn. >> well, at least one college is getting readily fed up with students fooling around while getting their diplomas at graduation, especially taking selfies as they walk across the stage. not at graduation, the university of south florida warning graduates of what it calls inappropriate behavior. not only does the school think it's cheese si, concerns that it's going to slow down the whole process. graduating seniors are getting notice that they refrain from stepping, marching or strolling. put in ads put in the school newspaper. still ahead at 6:30. let it be.
6:27 pm
the end of a long and winding road for san francisco's iconic candle stick park. the special send off coming up soon. plus, safety concerns at a bay area charter school when children are forced to playoff the campus. it's a story you only see on kron 4. and a car company getting squeaky clean, the hi tech invention that could soon eliminate car washes. >> viz ability reduced. rain is on the way, though, time that on future cast coming up at 6:30.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
now, kron 4 news with a quick look at the day's top stories. investigators here at oakland police headquarters announced the arrest of two suspects in the july 24th, 2013 murder of judy solomon. investigators say solomon noticed the two suspects doing something illegal in her neighborhood, and used her cell phone camera record them prior
6:31 pm
to being shot. >> i would say that she was a brave lady. i think she was a brave lady. i think she should have called 911 in which this situation. >>reporter: caron 4 news. in daily city, police say they arrested an 84 year old man in connection with a shooting inside this medical building wednesday afternoon. here you see video from our helicopter partnership that shows the s.w.a.t. team evacuating the building. police say the elderly suspect is a former patient who allegedly took a shot at a doctor here. he's been booked on attempted murder charges. maureen kelly, kron 4 news. the council on american islamic relations on that teenager who stowed away on a flight to hawaii. the portrait emerging of the young man with paramedics after landing in hawaii is that of a
6:32 pm
15 year old recent immigrant, possibly acting out because of troubles at home and school according to executive director. >> it's a very difficult time for a lot of youth, to be a recent imgrajt, new environment, english as a second language, probably aggravated all of the ordinary challenges of high school. >>reporter: santa clara, kron 4 news. it's official, paul mccartney will play farewell to candle stick park later this august. he made the a uns noment on his facebook site thursday. candle stick park is the place where the beatles played their final concert in 1966. ticket mriess have not been released. tickets go on sale may 5th. kron 4 news. and in another big story, men low park, take a look at this video. a bystander app tured this group crossing a cal train track. no one got hurt here, but since
6:33 pm
the beginning of the year, 3 people have lost their lives crossing cal train tracks, in response, cal train is launching a brand new safety campaign. they're going to be at several stations handing out safety brochure. they started the campaign today at men low park. and handing out the brochure and going to be making the round at several other stations. here in men low park. kron 4 news. san francisco, that short and stout yellow pipe behind me is critical to san francisco's drinking water supply. it's actual will i a test well that is helping the s f p u c, determine which wells to drill to bring groundwater to san francisco's drinking water supply. right now, we get water from the reservoir and some local bay area reservoirs. within two years, also going to mix in some groundwater and despite report toss the contrary, the s f p u c, the groundwater is of top kault quality and safe to drink.
6:34 pm
on thursday, the u.s. drought monitor released the conditions across the country, here in california, 100 percent of the state is facing some form of drought. about a quarter of california, including the central valley, the central coast and 5 counties here in the bay area is dealing with exceptionally dry conditions. in the newsroom. charles. kron 4 news. rain out there tonight, but not enough to put a dent in that drought. as we look live from our cam, overcast it is here. seeing some rain drops on the camera lens here at about 4,000 feet, but nothing really down in the valley for us just yet. satellite and radar showing the system approaching the coastline. still to the north of us, still offshore. that's going to move in later tonight into early tomorrow morning. off and on rain. now, future cast 4 doesn't show a whole lot into the morning commute tomorrow, the computer models are showing the rain diving down to the south. and down into monterrey, but it
6:35 pm
could easily move into the south bay out there tomorrow morning. keep that in mind. by 1 o'clock, seeing more rain near the coastline ask south of the golden gate. the 4:00 o'clock hour as well. south of the golden gate, rain showers continuing, but calm down by 8:00 o'clock, there is a possibility of an nice lateed thunderstorm or two into the afternoon tomorrow. so we'll have off and on rain tomorrow, cooler temperatures, another chance of rain as we head into saturday night and sunday morning. but the big change is next week with warmer drier weather returning. only on kron 4. a bay area charter school is forced to hold its physical education classes in a parking lot. we've been looking into this problem since it was brought to our attention by a concerned viewer. kron 4 scott has been searching for answers and shows us what he uncovered in this exclusive. >>reporter: one small fenced off area with a basketball hoop. that is the extent of the
6:36 pm
physical education facilities you will find here at the charter school in fremont. you won't find. >> a baseball field that needs a track, needs space, and it needs security. >>reporter: stephanie blood reached out to kron 4. >> i work nearby and i pass by every day. seeing children doing p e in the parking lot. >>reporter: a lot that is used for several medical buildings in the area. she parks here every day. >> i've seen balls bounce off vehicles multiple times, seen kids with tennis rackets running through, scratched doors. >>reporter: help protect the identity of the student, but you can see kids bouncing balls in a coneed off area of the parking lot and crossing just feet from where those children are playing. i spoke with the principal, she tells me she was unaware that anybody was concerned about p e classes taking place in the parking lot. you don't buy that. >> no.
6:37 pm
i do not believe that at all. i have coworkers who have brought it to the attention of the al mee da county superintendent and there's e-mails and there's a lot of complaints. >>reporter: now, the school's principal would not comment on why they hold p e classes in the parking lot, but does say that they do block the area off during the classes. you can see the cones here in front. stephanie says the problem is that there are so many people that work in the nearby buildings here, that equals several cars coming in and out of the parking lot on a daily basis and she says they're not always going the speed limit. >> concerned about their safety, cars do drive by very fast. it's not gated off. i'm hoping someone somewhere will take the issue seriously and help the school move, you know, it's all in the seriousness of who's going to get hurt and when. >>reporter: now, the principal of the school did not want to go on camera and didn't tell me much president she did say that the school has a good working relationship with the director
6:38 pm
of the medical facilities that share the parking lot with the school. and she also says that the safety of her students is her top priority. fremont, scott, kron 4 news. also reached out to the alameda county superintendent's office for comment, but we have not yet received any response from them. and as we mentioned, we checked into this story after a viewer told us about it. and we'd love to hear from you as well. if you have a tip or a story idea, tell us about it. you can submit your idea on our website and watch other my kron 4 stories as well. all on kron, just look for the story tab. coming up, nissan coming clean. technology that could make car washes a thing of the past. [doorbell rings] hey. hey. what's this? it's u-verse live tv. with at&t u-verse...
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0001 take a look at this, this actually sounds too good to be
6:42 pm
true, but nissan is testing a self-cleaning paint and make car washes obsolete. they had half the car with the new paint on it, the other half does not are the paint. and in the video, the product seeps to do the job. the car is driven through wet and muddy roads, only half the car, though, gets dirty. the half of the new paint seeps to repel the dirt and water. ready for prubs soon. no plans being made to have a standard feature, but an add on. not sure how much it could cost or how long it would last. they make it look so easy. makes you wonder why we're not already driving self-cleaning cars. >> the shashs coach tom mcclellon, still has a lot of work to do. in the playoff series, and talking playoff, the warriors
6:43 pm
get ready for tonight. gary will have a report on game 3 next. now, why is die causing so much frustration in people that have it. >> diabetes sufferers are told once you have diabetes, you will have diabetes for life. take medication for life. even with the medication, still develop high blood pressure, high cholesterol, the health is not getting any better. >> what are the consequences if you don't reverse this. >> even with the medication that they're taking, their health does not improve. they're still facing kidney dialysis, you're ropny, weight gain. >> all the things that goes
6:44 pm
along with that. how is your approach to treating and potentially reversing diabetes different then? how you k you help. >> do the detective work, do the lab work that you find out. take a look at only the pancreas, take a look at the liver, a drenls, thyroids and immunity. >> people do not know that they should check all of this. >> right frnth give me some ruments. >> reducing the medications, with the doctor's permission. >> good. >> they enjoying life, more energy, and wonderful. >> less symptoms. >> got to find the root of the problem. great information. now, if you want a free report and you want doctor's video, all you have to do is call, 800-524-9543. very important information. 800-524-# 543. thank you, doctor. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing
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big night for sports. the warriors, 7:30 at the arena. pam, i can promise you, 8:00 o'clock news, i'll give you an updated score. >> you just better. >> you darn right i will. >> warriorss working out today, and mark jackson, they lost by 40 points last time out, but let's face it, you get down in a playoff game, won one. warriors coached a great majority of the game. for the record, the clippers, a point and a half favorite. tonight, curry and david lee pontificating. >> they don't get two wins for -- so we still are able to come back with a fresh start at home and to help take care of business the way we expect to.
6:47 pm
>> just executed them in game one and 2. hoping our best game. we still have a lot of great ball to play and i think that you know, we can know that we haven't played our best part yet in the series. >> quick update from the arena, a man who is a star forward at tennessee a and i, he's now working for kron, the great j. r. stone. j. r., inside the arena, good grief. there he goes. >> you got it. i don't know what the heck you're talking about with that tennessee stuff. but, gary, i got my shirt off the gold shirt, the one everybody's going to have out here tonight. it is going to be rocking out here. i want to go to some of the video. blake griffin, some of these other ball player, warming up for the 7:30 tip off t. fans out here about blame griffin, that is one guy they don't like, one guy they don't want to see win this evening. we talked with the coach of the l. a. clippers about this crowd
6:48 pm
and how wild they're going to be. >> we've played here before; right? i don't know, unless the fans have a playoff intensity, you know, i don't know if they can be much louder. they're great. i think they're some of the best fans if the league. they've been that way, though. i've said that for years. a typical place to play. but the players make it more difficult. you know, i've always said that. as loud as the fans can be. they're a good basketball team. >> off in the distance, some of the players warming up. we are approaching tip off. and i'm telling you, the energy is just building in here. it is going to be rocking and rolling, gary. get out your shirt, i know you've got one. put one on your desk yesterday. and have some fun watching this game. >> he is. the enthuse yas ibs from tennessee, the great, j. r. stone. all right. the sharks, go for the excitement of j. r. stone.
6:49 pm
to coach todd mcclellon, basically saying what he's said the last 4 months. sharks, the los angeles king, get rady for todd mcclellon to blow the roof off this mother. >> there were moments during the game where we weren't the better team, obviously, in overtime, we weren't. and there's other areas that we can improve. but the leadership, the fact that we've been through this before. but a lot of teams in the league have it. don't give us a passing grade yet, because we're still taking the test. >> big night and we will have, pam, as you know, 8:45, partial scores. >> of course. >> right here. you know, katie is a great olympian, how great to have katie on, and the man who brought her in. blake, you see over there. >> hello, blake. >> blake was a great p r man, and i'll never forget when blake came up to me and said, don't
6:50 pm
believe what you read. barry has been flamed. and blake is represented. he knows his stuff. katie is a great guest, we're bringing on a woman, two time olympian, her dad is a former scout. and she's by all accounts, got a personality, already asked pam if she can photo bomb the news. so we're going to have some fun. she's involved in a sport you've got to see the highlights. terrific, representing blake rodes in company, barry was farp framed. next. bulldog: [yawning]
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
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[boy] mom!ughs] [mom] yes? [boy] whoa,whoa,whoa... [mom and dad] [laughing] [boy] whoa,whoa,whoa... [mom] you've got two left feet,boo. plays 4th at the russia games, missing a medal by 4,000s of a second. she's a 6 time world champion medalist and this is an event that a lot of us -- what do you
6:54 pm
call this, the skeleton. came back from the passing of her father. a member of our a limpic team in vancouver, mentioned your dad, he was a professional baseball players and also a scout for the giants. >> yeah. he was a right hand man of brian sab yan, as far as i know. >> so you had no choice, you had to -- you grew up in a sporting atmosphere, huh. >> very much so. i told my father many types if i had been a boy, i would be a major league baseball player. unfortunately, i'm 5 foot 3 and female. >> a nice chow of tobacco. katie is here representing blake rode's team, liberty mutual. i mean, as i said, not for the faint of heart, what you do. >> no, i think it's for those that just want to have fun, you know. >> but you got into this as a lark, so to speak. >> by chance, someone talked me
6:55 pm
into trying it and i happened to start winning. either go to the olympics or get a ph.d. and go to the junge sxl be the next dianne foster. >> i would imagine you suffered a concussion along the way. >> i had my worst concussion actually right before the games, i got it in october and i didn't -- i wasn't relieved of the symptoms until after the olympics. >> do you have any kids? >> i don't even have a man. i think we skipped the steps. >> blake is married, but he's not dead over, there, you know what i mean. >> oh, man. >> you know what i'm saying is, would you want your daughter to participate in this. >> i think it's about passion and putting your best foot forward. if my kid want ts to go out and do whatever they want to do. do something, do it right or don't do it at all. and that's how i found the opportunity to become a scout and athlete, putting a 100 percent in whatever you're doing and that
6:56 pm
creates the opportunity. someone saw that i had fire and passion, and i was ready to just go all out. so they were like, hey, you want to go head first 90 miles per hour. okay. >> i'm definitely going to try to for korea in the skel tan. i decided this week that i'm going to be attempting to make the rio games as an a limpic weight lifter. >> that's why you hooked up with team liberty, then. you're like a representative for them? >> i actually think that i'm honor today be a part of team u.s. a. team liberty. i mean, look at it. i'm the most accident prone athlete: keep going. we've got a couple of seconds left. >> most accident prone athlete out there. and liberty mutual is willing to stand by me, all the way to sochi, they've got to be a great company to back everyone at home with their cars and home insurance. >> nice to meet you.
6:57 pm
you requested a man. you requested a man.
6:58 pm
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6:59 pm
the insider with today's top trending stories. >> did tori and dean fake their drama to get ratings? >> who is calling this now a reality tv stunt. >> they may have a fame addiction. >> i can see a lot of stuff being fake. >> i guess she does run the world. beyonce is "time" magazine's most influential cover girl. >> and first appearance after her split, chris speaks out. >> every goes through challenges. >> then -- >> imagine you're -- the disturbing new tv movie with teens starving themselves and getting praise oine. >> that dark world no one knows about. >> and -- avril lavigne on her video labelled "racist."
7:00 pm
>> now your latest celebrity news brought to you 24/7. it's the n"insider" together wih yahoo. >> beyonce, the most influential person in the world, in "time" magazine. i'm kevin frazier. >> i'm thea andrews. maybe tori spelling's drama has been fake all along. >> her show is called "true tori, and while there is drama in solid ratings, but there the question is what's really true in her reality. >> i don't want to cry when i get there. i want to be strong. >> i cheated on you. i cheated on you. i lied to you. >> they're marriage drama helped their reality show open to strong numbers. 1.2 million viewers tuned in. today new reports and questions,


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